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Dress Your Property for Success

Dress Your Property For Success

House odours are the number one on the home buyers “oh no” list.  Odours from dirty cloths piles, cigarette smoke, mould and mildew and pets take top billing.

Dogs frighten some people and irritate others.  Remove pets during showings if possible.  The buyers are there to view the property not watch out to see if a dog will bite them or jump up on them.  Cats left in the house, especially on kitchen benches or dining tables is another that puts buyers off.

Dirty kitchens and bathrooms are an instant turnoff.  When selling a property scrub them, paint them, buy a new shower curtain, rugs and towels, even cleaning all the windows and mirrors throughout the property--do what it takes to make that room shine.  Dirty kitchens and bathrooms also encourage roaches, spiders, and other insect that shouldn't be in the house.

It is most important grab a buyer's interest from the curb / footpath as soon as the buyer arrives at the property.  Buyers often refuse to go into a property with an unkempt yard or peeling paint where maybe your best assets are in the property and they don’t even get to see them.

Another good point is, the owner should leave the house during showings.  Buyers feel awkward about opening closet doors and kitchen cupboards.  It is hard for the buyers to have a really good look at the property if the seller is home.  Most viewing will take 20 minutes or so.  Take the dog for a walk or pop next door to a neighbour’s home.

If you're serious about selling the home and achieving that premium price the extra work is a must.  Buyers are looking for that shiny gem.

Good luck and happy selling.